10 Health Insurance Tips To Make The Most of Your Plan

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Health insurance helps protect and take care of you and your families health.

There are 10 health insurance tips to help make the most out of  your plan:

1.Research different plan options.  Knowing how often you will use the insurance will help you decide if you want a plan that has a higher or lower deductible. Working with an agent can help you find the best plans and customize your enrollment.

2. Find out if you qualify for subsidies:   You might qualify for financial assistance to help pay monthly premiums or help at tax time.

3.Know how much it will cost:  Know your monthly premium and plan for your budget accordingly.

4.Know what you bought: Summary of benefits,  co-pays, costs of services and deductibles.

5. Choose a doctor: Selecting the right doctor and confirming them with your insurance company helps make sure you have the best fit.

6. Know how to file a claim and communicate with your insurance company:   Understanding how to use your insurance is important to making the most of your plan.

7. Prevention:  Get your annual exams and regular check ups  and look for Wellness Programs that are often covered in your plan to help you stay healthy! “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

8. Emergency– know what emergency room to go to and have paperwork available.  Know about benefits and services when traveling.

9. Assess insurance regularly: If you have a life event such as job change, relocation, large salary increase or decrease, having a baby or child turning 26 , updating your plan helps keep your plan optimized.

10. Plan for retirement: It’s never to early to start planning for your health insurance in your retirement. Researching your options can help you make the transition smoother and better prepared.

The 10 health insurance tips to help make the most of your plan can help you and your family achieve and maintain healthy and vibrant lives.  Our certified insurance agents at Affordable CA can help you with the process of finding the best insurance plans and help you enroll or update your plan, free of charge!



AUTHOR - Ali Nagy