7 Life Events That Enable Covered California Health Insurance

Wedding rings on loveHave you noticed how life can be a roller coaster ride of change sometimes?  Sometimes everything can change at the same time such as your job, having a baby and  moving  all in the same months time?  These changes don’t have to disrupt your health coverage though as they are considered Life Events. Even though open enrollment for healthcare has closed there are Certain Life Events  that allow people to update or enroll for new health coverage.

Here are 7 Life Events That Enable Covered California Health Insurance Enrollment:

1. Having A Baby, Adopting or Fostering a Child

2. Getting Married/Divorced or entering into a Domestic Partnership

3. Loss of MediCal Coverage

4. Loss of Job (insurance)

5. Moving Permanently to California or to a new area of California

6. Returning from Active Military Service

7. Child Aging on or off of a Plan


There are other Life Events that qualify for enrollment outside of the Open Enrollment Period and we can help you determine if yours applies.  The deadline for enrollment from the time a Life Event  is 60 days from the day of the event so enrolling/updating your coverage ASAP is crucial to avoiding a lapse in coverage. At Affordable CA, we can help you analyze your situation and provide several health insurance options.  We are a no fee service with highly qualified Insurance Agents ready to help you update or enroll for coverage today.

Enrollment is fast and simple and we can expedite your application.  Helping you find the best subsidies available as well as the best insurance plans to fit your needs is our specialty. We have helped enroll thousands of customers and can help guide you down the road of Health Insurance Coverage. Keep in mind the 7 life Events that enable Covered Ca enrollment because we can help you transition through these Life Changes smoothly and enroll/update your coverage so you don’t experience a lapse in your coverage. We all experience life change events at sometime or another. At Affordable CA, we can help you navigate through your health insurance needs and get you covered!




AUTHOR - Ali Nagy