Elect A Covered California Certified Agent

Get Quick Resolution on Any Problem You are Having with Covered California or Your Health Plan

At No Cost, Charge or Fee to You!


Here’s a secret Covered California doesn’t want you to know….

Built into the premiums you pay each month is a fee to pay for the services of a certified insurance agent, to provide on-going service, support and guidance each and every month you pay your premiums.  You pay this fee every month – whether or not you actually get the benefits of having a certified agent on your side.

What Covered California doesn’t tell you when you enroll online or over the phone, is that you have the right to elect a servicing insurance agent that can help you with your Covered California account and your health plan – at no additional cost, charge or fee. You are already paying for the services of a certified agent, you just aren’t receiving them!

If you are having  any problems, issues or concerns about your Covered California account or health plan, simply complete the form below to elect us as your Certified Insurance Agent – and let us fix any problems you are having – now and in the future – at no cost, charge or fee to you ever.



  • Having problems logging into your Covered California account?
  • Want to change health plans?
  • Haven’t received a bill from your health plan?
  • Is your bill incorrect?
  • Is your name or other information spelled wrong?
  • Need to report a change of income or household?


We fix all of these problems and much more…  We batch our client files on a daily basis and have dedicated staff that work directly with Covered California and each health plan’s agent support team.

Don’t waste your time sitting on hold!  Let us know how we can help you and complete the election form below – and we’ll get the issue resolved within 72 business hours.  Plus you’ll receive on-going service, support and care whenever you need it.  



  • Covered California Certified Insurance Agent Election Form

    By checking the box below I authorize Covered California and my insurance carrier to delegate/name as my agent of record below for our health insurance policy, effective immediately. I understand there is NO COST for this service and that my premiums, policy, benefits and coverage will remain the same. I further understand that this authorization is valid only as long as I completely satisfied with the service provided.
  • Please complete the following:

  • Please sign your name with the electronic pen

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