Can You Apply For Covered CA By Phone?

AFCA-AgentCan you apply for Covered CA by Phone? Yes! In fact, phone enrollment is the quickest, most thorough and pleasant way of applying!

Personalized & Customized

It’s easy to get stuck on questions when filling out an online application and sometimes you give up frustrated and upset if you can’t figure out what the application is asking for. Another problem is that computers can freeze up or lose their internet connection which can cause the entire application and the precious time you put into filling it out to be lost! Working with an agent can help prevent these complications.  If a person tries to apply for insurance online, they might accidentally answer a question incorrectly or leave it blank and this could lead to missing out on possible eligibility for premium benefits and assistance. Enrolling for healthcare over the phone helps avoid these mistakes in the application process. Phone enrollment also expedites the application and prevents gaps in coverage.  Trying to find out if you can apply for insurance outside of the open enrollment period?

There are many life events that allow for special enrollment  such as getting married, having a baby or losing your work coverage. Our agents can help you determine your eligibility and find the best insurance for your situation. We are a no-fee service and have certified Covered California agents available who will personalize your enrollment and customize your plan!  You can apply for Covered CA by phone… in fact you could get immediate approval today! Let us help you find the best plans and make your enrollment for healthcare pleasant and easy.

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AUTHOR - Ali Nagy