Can’t See Your Doctor? You Have Until Feb. 15th to Enroll in a New Health Plan

After providing inaccurate data provided by the state health exchange, Covered California pulled its online provider directory on Thursday.  Many consumers relied on Covered California’s database to select a health plan that included their doctors, only to be turned away when seeking medical care.   Other consumers received medical care from doctors they believed to be in their health plan’s network, only to receive bills from their doctor’s office once they realized they are not included in the some of the new limited networks offered on the exchange.

It can be difficult for consumers trying to get through to Covered California to change plans by the deadline of February 15th to have a new health plan start on March 1.  Covered California reports an average wait time of nearly 52 minutes last week to speak with a representative.

Designating a certified insurance agent to assist with the process of terminating one health plan and re-enrolling in a new one, can bring relief to many consumers.   A certified agent is a licensed health insurance agent who has passed Covered California’s intensive training and certification program.  Consumers have the option of working with a Certified Agent at no cost.

Covered CA Certified Agent

A Certified Insurance Agent can be your partner in every step of your path to get covered and stay covered including, but not limited to:

  • Assist you with completing the single streamlined application;
  • Track your progress through the enrollment process;
  • Help you evaluate your health care needs and budget considerations to recommend a plan that works best for your family; and
  • Provide additional help after you enroll in a plan on an ongoing basis.

If you enrolled online, you can designate a certified agent to assist you by clicking on “Find Help Near You” on the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Find Help Near You

After clicking on this, you will come to a screen with Agents listed in the middle.  Click on FIND AGENTS

Find Agents


AUTHOR - Ali Nagy