Covered California Pulls Provider Directory from Website – What Should I Do?

Covered California announced today that they have discontinued their online provider directory from their website after many errors and incorrect listings were found.   This decision follows a front-page article this week from the Los Angeles Times.

The lack of a centralized database to check doctors in the health plans participating in Covered California has caused a lot of grief among consumers.  Many people have not been able to see specialists for serious medical problems or find out their family doctor is not accepting their Covered California plan.

Affordable California will soon be releasing the first online provider directory that accurately pulls provider information from all the major Covered California health plans.  You simply enter the provider name and location and within seconds it tells you which Covered California health plans are accepted by your providers.

Until the online tool is released, consumers are encouraged to call Affordable California at 800-788-2197 to find the health plans that include their doctors.  As a free service, Affordable California will check their integrated provider directory to match up the right health plan based on your provider list.   If needed, Affordable California will re-enroll you in the recommended health plan. The deadline to change health plans is February 15th for coverage starting March 1.

AUTHOR - Ali Nagy