Enrollment Confirmation


Check your email for confirmation.  Here’s some important information to know:

In order for your coverage to take effect on May 1, 2014, you must pay your premium before April 25, 2014 in order for your health care coverage to take effect.

When you receive your bill from your insurance company, please follow the instructions on the invoice for submitting payment. If you haven’t received a bill by April 21, you should contact the company or make initial payments using the specific information listed here for each insurer.   Please make note of this information.   If the health plan cannot find your enrollment in their system, please contact Covered California at 1-800-300-1506.  If your health plan does not receive payment by April 25, 2014 your health plan may be cancelled and cannot be reinstated.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When can I start using my health insurance plan?

As long as you pay by the payment deadline, you can use services covered by your health insurance plan starting the next month. First, be sure the provider (a doctor or other health service provider) is participating in the health plan network you have selected. The provider may ask you to sign a statement agreeing to pay for the services if you cannot prove you have health insurance. The provider may later send you a bill (a “claim”) for the care. Once you have proof of health insurance coverage, which you will receive once you pay for the insurance, you can submit the claim to your health insurance company for processing.

It is likely that by the time you get a bill or claim from your provider, you will have already been entered into your health insurance company’s system. Simply call your provider and ask to have the bill resubmitted directly to your health insurance company. If you have questions about whether your provider is in your plan’s network, or questions about your coverage, please call your health insurance company.

When will I get membership ID cards from my health insurance company?

Your health insurance company will mail you an enrollment package and membership ID cards within 10 business days of the health insurance company receiving your first payment. You can still get care before you receive your ID card, but the provider may ask you to sign a statement saying that you agree to pay the provider’s claim if you do not have proof of insurance. Once you have your ID card as proof of insurance, the provider can confirm your insurance and send the claim to the health insurance company.