Key Healthcare Dates To Remember For 2015

Family walking on the beachBreaking the history of healthcare for the United States,  AffordableCA is here to provide healthcare help for everyone! The United States has advanced world medical research, built state-of-the-art medical facilities as well as most developed treatments with statistical significance for effectiveness. What it comes down to is our country investing in all of us through healthcare to stimulate the economy and help us live better lives. To be able to be able to take advantage of the wealth of healthcare benefits our government has prepared for us, you need to ensure you are properly enrolled by their timetable. Health Marketplace is proud to offer healthcare plans to everyone and help them get healthy, stay healthy and give them piece of mind knowing they are covered. At AffordableCa, we understand the different plans available, the enrollment process and are here to help get you enrolled free of charge.
There are certain dates to know in the enrollment process, if you need to enroll or make changes to your existing plan…
Here Are The Key Healthcare Dates To Remember:

FEBRUARY 22 marked the end of Open Enrollment for Health Coverage for 2015

APRIL 30th—Deadline For SEP Enrollment
The Special Enrollment Period has been extended to April 30th.
Special Enrollment includes the following situations:
Having a baby,adopting or fostering a child. child aging of a plan
Relocation to an area with new coverage
Job changes
COBRA expiring
Getting married or entering into a domestic partnership
If you owe the fee for 2014
Covered CA Special Enrollment

Start of Open Enrollment Period For 2016 Marketplace

January 31, 2016
Open Enrollment Period Ends-
Enrollment for 2016 health coverage ends

Enrollment is open anytime for Medicaid, CHIP (Children Health Insurance Plan) and for SHOP
(SHOP is for Small Businesses who have 50 or less employees). Please note: SHOP does not include Self Employed individuals with no employees who must enroll during the regular open enrollment period at the Health marketplace

At Affordable California, we can help you make changes to your plan and get you enrolled. We have expert Insurance Agents who understand the enrollment process and help you find the biggest subsidies available, free of charge. 8 out of 10 applicants received assistance on paying their premium and over 10 million have applied for coverage. Join the millions who have enrolled and get the best coverage possible. Call today to find out your different options and get enrolled if you have life, job changes or owe the fee for 2014 you still a chance to apply for coverage in 2015. Please mark your calenders with these important Healthcare dates and make you and your families health a priority. You will be able to really enjoy life and be a part of he biggest Health Revolution in history!

AUTHOR - Ali Nagy