More Reasons to Use a Covered California Certified Insurance Agent

A Covered California Certified Insurance Agent is there to guide you through the complexities of navigating the state’s health insurance marketplace.  As demand for enrollment in Covered California health plans has increased, calling Covered California directly may result in long hold times.  Navigating their website can also be tricky for those less experienced.

Insurance agents certified by Covered California do not charge a fee for their service.  There is no additional cost to utilize the many benefits of working with an experienced agent that is trained to assist you with most issues.  Certified insurance agents can check the status of your application online, view your eligibility status, plan enrollment and premiums.  Certified insurance agents also have dedicated support staff at Covered California that work specifically with agents to assist in resolving issues for their clients.

A good insurance agent continues to provide on-going support, service and guidance beyond the initial enrollment.  As we approach the enrollment deadline is less than 60 days, Covered California’s call center will do their best to handle a new wave of calls for people seeking coverage before the March 31 deadline.  Affordable California has certified, licensed agents ready to help.  Most calls are answered within 3 rings by a friendly agent that is ready to assist.  You can reach Affordable California at 800-788-2197.


AUTHOR - Ali Nagy