Special Enrollment Period For Healthcare

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A Special Enrollment Period, also known as an SEP is a 60 period of time that a person or family can use to enroll in healthcare or change their existing healthcare plan through the Health Marketplace. Open enrollment for healthcare occurs between the months of November-February but there are several qualifying life events that allow for a special enrollment period of 60 days from the time of the event. The following are a list of the most common life events that allow for a special enrollment period:

-Marriage Getting married or entering into a domestic partnership


-Death of spouse

-Birth of a child

-Adopting or fostering a child

-Child aging off of a plan – when a child turns 26, they are no longer eligible for their parents health insurance plan

-Returning from active military service

-Moving to a different town

-Losing Job

-Employers Healthcare plan downsized – insufficient level of coverage

-Change in citizenship status

– Change in subsidy eligibility

– Experienced natural disaster

If you think you have experienced a life event that would qualify you for a special enrollment period for healthcare, please give one of our expert certified special enrollment agents a call to help you determine your eligibility for enrollment and subsidy assistance.
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AUTHOR - Ali Nagy