The Top 5 Covered California Questions and Answers You Need to Know

Covered California sends certified insurance agents a weekly email with answers to the top questions they received during the past week.  We hope you find these are helpful in assisting you with any challenges you might be experiencing with Covered California.

1.  I’ve tried calling my health plan for information, but the wait time is too long and I cannot get through.

Every health plan has a website that may help with some of your questions.  A list of health plans and their websites can be found on Covered California’s website.

2.  I’ve called my health plan and there is no record of my enrollment.

Covered CA health plans have received a very high volume of new members.  It can take time for the health plans to process all new members.  If you need to see a doctor before you receive your health insurance card, read “How Do I Use My Coverage?

 3.  I’ve enrolled in a Covered California plan, but it was cancelled and I was given a new account number.  What happened?

Covered California is working hard with the health plans to correct this issue.  You do not need to do anything.  If you have more than one account, your accounts will be combined and you will receive a new welcome packet in the mail.  If you made your premium payment by the deadline, you can being using your coverage now.

4.   I’m being charged a different premium that what Covered California estimated.  What can I do?

Covered California admits there was a problem for a short time with certain health plans.  The health plans are going back to fix these errors.  If this problem is no fixed by your second month of coverage, contact Covered California.

5.  How can I pay my premium?

Refer to “How to Pay” on Covered California’s website.




AUTHOR - Ali Nagy