Waiting for Medi-Cal? You’re Not Alone…

According to state officials,  more than 900,000 Californians are waiting for their Medi-Cal benefit cards or denial letters.  There are reports of people that applied for Medi-Cal in October that still haven’t heard whether they are enrolled.

According an analysis by Roll Call, the new California computer system has technical glitches, including difficulty sending information to counties that help process applications and due to the massive number of applications, county workers are swamped.

Benefits for Medi-Cal are retroactive.  If you are eligible and receive care while waiting to be enrolled, Medi-Cal is supposed to pay for services going back 90 days before you applied.  A spokesperson for Medi-Cal has gone on record saying that if you are awaiting a coverage decision, you can go to a local hospital to expedite your enrollment and may be able to get a temporary benefits card.








AUTHOR - Ali Nagy