What To Look For In The Covered California Calculator

There are some tools that you can use when applying for healthcare and one of them is the Covered California Enrollment Calculator. Knowing what to look for in the Covered California Enrollment Calculator can help you understand your different enrollment options and enroll with ease.

Understanding this calculator which is also known as a Shop and Compare Tool, helps you get a very general idea of what kind of premium you would pay if you enroll for healthcare. There are 3 Factors Analyzed:
1. Annual household income
2. Members of household and their age
3. Location of individual/family applying for coverage

The calculator tool will then tell you if you qualify for healthcare subsidies or not just based on the household income. For example, individuals who make up to $46,680 and families of four that make up to $95,400 may qualify for financial assistance.

The amount of premium assistance depends on an individual’s income, age and where the person lives:
Premium Assistance Federal help to reduce the monthly amount paid for insurance.
Cost Sharing Subsidies Reduce the amount of health care expenses an individual or family has to pay at the time of medical care While premium assistance can help reduce premium payments. Those people with incomes that are less than about $29,175 for a single person and less than about $59,625 for a family of four in 2014 may be eligible for those subsidies.
Medi-Cal free or low cost health coverage for those who qualify, including people with disabilities, and those with incomes of less than $16,105 for a single individual and $32,913 for a family of four.

Knowing what to look for in the Covered California Calculator is helpful but if you have had a life event such as getting married, having a baby or losing your job, you can register within 60 days from the time of the event and it’s best to use a live agent at this point. With our help, you can learn your different options and make sure you don’t experience a lapse in your coverage. If you are simply looking to change your current plan, Open Enrollment starts November 15, but we can help you learn about your different options now. If you have a seasonal job and need a short term plan, we can help you find the best, most affordable plans.

The Covered California Enrollment Calculator can help you get a general idea of some of the basics of health insurance available but our skilled agents can help you discover the best plans and financial assistance available for you and your families needs. At AffordableCA, we understand what to look for in the Covered California Enrollment Calculator and can help you maximize your options. Give us a call at 1-855-640-0841 and we can help you get and stay covered.

AUTHOR - Ali Nagy