When To Complete The Covered California Application

Affordabe-CA-Bkg-1Have you been thinking about enrolling for healthcare but have been procrastinating or  are simply overwhelmed by the thought of it?  Do you owe the fee this year for not having coverage last year?  Now is a great time to enroll for healthcare! We want to help you get coverage and avoid owing the fee next year.  The healthcare administration has issued an enrollment extension to people who are finding out that they owe the fee on their tax return this year and help them avoid the fee next year.  Now is a great time to start your application and find out if you qualify for any subsidies.  8 out of 10 people who have applied are receiving assistance on their premiums and over 11 million have enrolled!  If you owe the fee – you have until April 30 to enroll this year and avoid owing it next year. When is the best time to complete the covered California application: Right Now!

Start Your Application Now

There is no need to feel overwhelmed anymore.  Our Certified Covered California Agents are here to help with enrollment .  We have streamlined the process to make it painless and actually quite enjoyable.  We understand the different types of insurance and subsidies available as well according to  your salary and your individual needs.  We want to help get you insured- there is a lot of reward in helping people feel the security of having quality healthcare coverage. We believe that once you understand your healthcare options and see how affordable the different plans really are you will be pleasantly surprised at how great it feels to be enrolled and have in healthcare.

Life Changes

Anytime you have a “Life Event “, you qualify for the Special Enrollment Period throughout he year when these events occur: When your  job changes or ends- it’s important to enroll right away to have continuous coverage.  If you have COBRA you may enroll for coverage anytime it expires.  If you have a child, adopt or foster a child.  If you have a child turn 26 you can change your coverage at that time.  If you get married or divorced you may change your coverage at any  point as well.  You can also apply for CHIP (Childrens Health Insurance Plan)and Medicaid anytime throughout the year. Small businesses (50 and under employees) may start coverage for their employees at anytime throughout the year.

April 30 2015 Special Enrollment Period Deadline

When is the best time to fill out the out the Covered California application? Right Now! If you owe the fee- call now and we will get you started and meet the April 30 deadline.  If you have any Life Events throughout the year call when they happen and we can help you change your coverage or enroll you in the program. We have helped enroll thousands of applicants, free of charge and are here to help you get the application process started.






AUTHOR - Ali Nagy