Your Covered California Service Center





If you are shopping for health insurance, look no further, you have found a Certified Covered California Service Center and we are excited to help you find the perfect health insurance plan. Our certified Covered California agents are knowledgeable and understand the world of health insurance.  They are experts and can help you feel confident about the choices you make when purchasing such an important investment in your health.


Our Agents Are:

1. Up to Date with the latest health insurance information.

2. Flexible – Customizes your plan based on your insurance needs.

3. Detail Oriented- Make sure every detail is taken into account and every step of enrollment implemented.

4. Organized- able to navigate the world of health insurance and streamline your options for you.  Finding possible subsidies available to lower cost of insurance.

5.Friendly and Personable. Our agents go above and beyond the basic service. We try to build relationships with our customers so that they want to continue to work  with us and also they they would recommend us to a friend.

6. Calm Under Pressure- They meet deadlines and make the shopping experience fun.

7. Excellent Communicators- they are able to listen to customers and hear what their insurance needs are. then find the best strategies to meet their needs.

8.Fast- They can expedite enrollment.

There are many options when choosing a health plan, our agents will help you pinpoint the best plans that fit your needs and expedite your enrollment.  We can also help you with future questions if you are thinking of changing your plan, or need to update it because of a Life Changing Event such as getting married, having a baby or losing your job/healthcare.  Enrollment for healthcare can be  enjoyable and the ongoing maintenance of your insurance plan can be with Affordable California as your certified Covered California Service Center!



AUTHOR - Ali Nagy